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For over 20 years, Joe and his staff have been helping people like you make their hunting dreams a reality.   Check out the following references and recommendations from colleagues and satisfied customers:

“I hunted spring gobblers with Joe Hollingshad in 1987. It was one of the finest hunts I’ve been on.  We killed our turkeys in some of the prettiest country imaginable. But even more important to me was the quality outdoor adventure.  Joe is a fine and knowledgeable companion in the woods. I’m looking forward to sharing good hunting and fishing with him again.”   Charlie Farmer, Nationally known writer, broadcaster and outdoorsman.  (Missouri)


“You and your crew exemplify to me what rural America is all about, gentle caring people with thoughts and language to match and a desire to be a supreme host to anyone that would care to join you.  I appreciated this very much, and I thank you and your crew for reminding me of how things should be but not always are.”  T.Montgomery (Oklahoma)


“I am very proud and happy to recommend Joe Hollingshad and Devil’s Backbone Outfitters.  I have hunted with some of the best guides in the continental U.S., Canada, and Alaska.  I put Joe Hollingshad among the top for knowledge of the game patterns and the ability to find and get your game.  And besides all this, he is fun to be with and watch him outsmart the game!”  B. Berger (Missouri)


“I have hunted with Joe for nearly a decade and have harvested one or more deer most seasons, including a two year old 8 point buck (110 in.), and his brother, a 16 point buck (unofficially 21 points- 142in), two years later. Joe has been an excellent host, hunting guide, and companion to my friends and me. I have had some of the best experiences of my life at his deer camp. Whether we’re hunting, telling stories and jokes around the campfire, or on one of his famous “walkabouts” in the scenic and rugged Ozark mountains, it is always a great adventure with Joe!”  Charles (Doc) Cantrell, D.O., Springfield, MO


For many years my son and I have hunted with Joe Hollingshad.  From the beginning I have never been disappointed and have harvested nice bucks a lot of the years , and when desired, a doe as well.  I have many great memories seeing my son take very nice eight point bucks, my twelve year old granddaughter get a doe in 2003, my nine year old grandson take his first buck and doe in 2009, and in 2010, I harvested my best eight point buck yet.  Also impressive is to see the quantity & quality of the deer population not decrease but increase through the addition of ponds, food plots, and no kill zones.  With Joe’s monitoring of deer movements, I am confident that I will have a great chance for a trophy buck each year.  I appreciate the friendship of the Hollingshad’s and the relationship that has been established over the years.  They make you feel like family.  Ray Paschke

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